About the project


  1. Brief Description

    The project "Training on Internal Quality Assurance in West Africa” is a training course for quality managers from West Africa aiming at establishing internal quality assurance systems in their higher education institutions …


  2. Project Goals

    TrainIQAfrica aims at preparing the participating quality assurance officers to become multipliers of internal quality assurance at their universities …


  3. Programme Outline

    • Content and methodology of the training
    • Project Action Plan (PAP)
    • Teaching concept
    • Kick-off: High Level Information Visit


  4. Study material

    The study material includes the following main subjects:

    1. Designing Effective Quality Assurance Systems and Managing Change in Higher Education Institutions
    2. Tools and Procedures of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions
    3. Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions
    4. Information Management in Higher Education Institutions
    5. Quality Management and its linkages to Higher Education Management