Project Goals

TrainIQAfrica aims at preparing the participating quality assurance officers to become multipliers of internal quality assurance at their universities, bringing together and harmonising leadership and management objectives on the road to systematic quality assurance structures. Key topics of the course are such as effective quality assurance and change management, tools and procedures for quality assurance, curriculum design and revision, evidence-based information management, and higher education management.

Main expected learning outcomes are:

  • Understanding of theoretical concepts of quality, quality assurance and quality enahncement and the ability to evaluate them according to the different/specific/divergent visions and missions of HEIs.
  • Ability to design and carry out questionnaires and evaluations scientifically and to control the related processes.
  • Ability to apply appropriate techniques and scientific methods to reflect upon the results of quality assurance and to establish a quality loop with follow-up-processes on all levels of a HEI.
  • Dealing with the requirements of quality assurance of study programmes and their revision including the linkage to external quality assurance.
  • Recognizing cross connections between quality development, staff development and organisational development.
  • Formulating ideas about how quality culture can be developed at the institutional level.